Sawyer Howitt – Student Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is considered one of the brightest young minds in the Portland, OR area. He is a student at Lincoln High and a very successful racquetball player. He competes on his high school racquetball team and has brought them great success. He is also a member of the Portland Racquetball Club.

Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, is founder of The Meriwether Group a very well known business whose mission is to support and be a trusted mentor to their entrepreneurial clients while assisting them to reach their goals in marketing exciting new brands and ideas.

Sawyer Howitt works at The Meriwether Group as the Product Manager. He works hard to assist clients with their products and ideas. He along with his father believe that entrepreneur’s are the modern day heroes. He also worked with a small team of executives in 2015 – 2016 on RFID checkout in retail stores. RFID is a technology similar to UPC codes to enhance the retail business for customers and the companies. Sawyer remains very interested in helping RFID become a workable technology in the future.

Sawyer Howitt also volunteers as a tutor specializing in math and science academic assistance. Sawyer Howitt’s studies are focused on business and finances and at a young age he is already very adept at understanding the needs of businesses, as well as appreciating the focus on new brands and marketing in order to keep a connection with today’s savvy consumers.


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